Losing your efoil virginity is a big deal. That’s why we offer a variety of lesson formats and locations to make sure your first time is perfect.

You can either meet us at one of a number of beaches in or around San Juan or we can pick you up and drop you off for a one-on-one, pair or group lesson. For most visitors, meeting at the beach in San Juan will be ideal but you also have the option to head out on a boat from the port to do your lesson at one of several nearby secluded bays.

One-on-One Lessons

90 minute lesson

30 min introduction and safety briefing

Up to an hour on the water

All equipment provided.


Group Lessons

30 min introduction and safety briefing

40-60 mins on the water (per person).
2 students are out on the water with the instructor at a time.

All equipment provided.


per person for 2 people


per person for 3 people


per person for 4 people

You can also move your group lesson to a boat for the Ultimate Coastal Experience.