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5'6 37.8L Firewire Sweet Potato Swallow Tail

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Dan Mann's high performance groveler.

Think small wave grovel, fast and fun. No-paddle takeoffs, buttery floaters. The Sweet Potato is probably the widest, flattest, thickest small wave surfboard you will ever surf. It's high performance but it's definitely a groveler, this shape is the absolute most fun you can have in really bad waves. It's the board that should never leave your trunk.

This is the updated Sweet Potato, refined with a swallowtail - the latest iteration of Mannkine's small wave shape that transformed what surfing is for many. It converts waves that would normally require a longboard (if even) into rippable potential and fun because of the generous volume packed into a small package that is loose and generates tons of drive. The trademark deep double barrel concave essentially splits the board in half when tipped over and driving through turns, making the board feel way more narrow than it actually is. The new tail outline, combined with some tweaks on the bottom contours through the fins, has increased the maneuverability for tighter pocket turns without taking away the projection and grovel speed in gutless surf.

Wave Type

When most would reach for their longboard, you'll grab your Sweet Potato. Think small wave fun fest, with less effort than you'd guess. This is a high performance groveler for anything under head high, but really excels under waist high. Recommended in 1-5' surf, skewing towards weak, fat, and flat conditions. 

Dimensions: 5'6 22", 2 9/16", 37.8L

Fin Options: Thruster or Quad

Condition: New or Nearly New - This board is either brand new or has only been rented a handful of times

Category: Premium Rental Board

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