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5'9 34.2L Firewire Mashup Groveler

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Two minds combined. Rob Machado and Dan Mann have created the Mashup: a melding of each of their most popular designs, the Seaside and the Spitfire.

Both board designers have spent time mixing and matching their favorite elements of each shape, and they’ve landed at something that goes fast in weak waves as well as a Seaside, and also drives vertically in good waves as well as the Spitfire. The Mashup is the ultimate groveler you'll never want to take out of your trunk.

Wave Type

With DNA from the Seaside and Spitfire, the Mashup goes fast in weak waves, but also drives vertically in good waves - a true everyday hybrid. Recommended in 1-5' surf, skewing towards average-to-poor/flat conditions.

Board Features

This shape immediately makes you feel like you've got speed and buoyancy to burn. A hybrid nose that keeps plenty of paddle up front, with step rails towards the back third of the shape to pack in extra volume. A double concave runs throughout the bottom, becoming more extreme from the center to the tail.

Dimensions: 5'9 19 15/16", 2 3/4", 34.2L

Fin Options: Thruster or Quad

Construction: Helium Core

Condition: New or Nearly New - This board is either brand new or has only been rented a handful of times

Category: Premium Rental Board

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