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Should You Bring Your Surfboard?

When you're planning a surf trip this is always a hard call to make. Should you bring my board? Should you rent one when? Or, should you try and buy one and resell it before I leave? We hear these questions a lot, and the answer is, it really depends.

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Wave of the Day Surf Shuttle

There are a lot of ways to get to the surf beaches around San Juan del Sur, but we seek out the best waves at the lesser known breaks 7 days a week.

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San Juan - Popoyo Shuttle

Getting between San Juan del Sur and Popoyo without your own vehicle is usually either a pain or expensive. We have a bi-weekly shuttle to make it easy and cheap.

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Give The Best Easiest Gift

If you have a surfer in your life and need a present, don't make it hard on yourself. Grab them a giftcard, available online and in the shop.

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